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Sihuan Pharma Acquired Dupromise

Nov. 24, 2010

Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings, a leading pharmaceutical company in the field of cardio-cerebral vascular drugs in China, announced on 25 November 2010 that its wholly-owned subsidiary Sun
Moral International has conditionally agreed to purchase the entire equity interests in Dupromise Holdings, at an aggregate consideration of up to RMB 2.4 billion (~$360 million).
The agreement is in relations to the production and sales of three exclusive products: Aodimei (Cerebroside-Kinin Injection), Yuanzhijiu (Troxerutin and Cerebroprptein Hydrolysate Injection) and Fufangsanwei B(II) Injection (Compound Trivitamin B(II) for Injection), as well as various additional exclusive formulas, mainly covering cardio-cerebral vascular diseases and other therapeutic areas.