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XinTech facilitates mutually beneficial Chinese-Western partnerships.

Founded in 2007, XinTech defined its mission as bringing together Chinese and Western life sciences companies with the intent to build mutually beneficial strategic partnerships and promote co-development opportunities.

As the Chinese health market is showing remarkable growth (poised to reach a staggering 1 trillion dollars in 2020), it is still burdened by inefficiency and lack of local innovation. For many years, generic drugs and devices have dominated in the local industry. As a consequence,   competing against multinationals that control the high-end market with their innovative products is almost impossible.

At XinTech, we understand the gap between the Chinese industry’s need for and interest in innovation and its traditional risk-averseness and cultural sensitivity. At the same time, we are familiar with the requirements and sensitivities of small and middle-sized Western technology companies in the tricky, highly regulated field of life sciences. Our consultants have many years of experience and a track record of success. We sensitively and intelligently maneuver the paths of deal-making so that a win-win collaboration can be achieved.