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Case Study I: Global strategy enhanced by China component

Life science startups often face financial and technical difficulties during the course of drug development, especially during the very costly stage of clinical trials. XinTech helps to offset these difficulties by leveraging on the needs and capabilities of Chinese pharmaceutical companies, as demonstrated in the following example:

D-Pharm, a public Israeli biotech company had successfully completed Phase IIa clinical trials for a drug candidate for Epilepsy, the DP-VPA. In essence, D-Pharm was facing two major problems related to the clinical development of the DP-VPA: Costs and time. Further clinical development of the drugs would cost many millions of dollars, already committed to D-Pharms prioritized clinical programs. Secondly, the patents for the DP-VPA were nearing their expiry dates.

The solution proposed – and implemented - by XinTech was finding a suitable Chinese partner company in order to raise money and save valuable time. 

Within this framework, a Chinese pharmaceutical company, Nhwa - which was introduced to D-Pharm by XinTech - bought the license for the drug candidate in China. In addition, Nhwa agreed to both improve the manufacturing process of the DP-VPA as well as to finance a full clinical program in China – under FDA protocol.

Thus, the licensing component injected much-needed capital, and at the same time, the co-development component reduced the costs of required trials and shortened the time to market: The trials conducted in China  can serve as supporting data for the FDA registration in the USA, thus lowering the FDA’s bar for future requirements, or eliminate such requirements altogether.

To see Nhwa's announcement, click here.

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